Look Who's A Fool

by MiSZ ALAiNA   Sep 19, 2007

As I sit and watch
The rest of the class talk
I know that it's about me
Cause I got this type of walk
I can't help to think I got it
Because I surely do
So bored in Theology class
So why not do what I do
I stand up on my desk
And let my hair down
Dancing and singing loudly
No one cares about the class clown
I'm smacking on Bubblicious
And getting my D-Mack on
Oh! Shorty's more than a ten
How can anything be wrong?
High school is a party
So why are you sitting there?
Everyone's looking up at me
But frankly I don't care
I kick off my shoes
And put in big earrings
Catholic school girls are saints
I know better, I'm going to do this until the bell rings
Jennifer Hudson and Paula DeAnda
I'm doing me love songs moment
Walk Away and So Cold
I'm about to blow this
Now it's time to party like a rockstar
I know I look like a superstar
I hear a whip at the blackboard
It got my undivided attention
I pick my head up and realize
I fell asleep in detention


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  • 11 years ago

    by Sleepytymegoddez

    This is a cute poem... it's a little confusing here: "Jennifer Hudson and Paula DeAndre
    I'm doing me love songs moment
    Walk Away and So Cold", but other than that pretty good. 4/5