by Dark Demise   Sep 27, 2007


The story, that becomes heroic,
The glory, that becomes energetic,
The suspense that is so great,
The characters that you cannot rate,

They sharpen there swords,
They bow down to there lords,
They reinforce there armor,
They don't get backed into a corner,

When they ride they ride hard and swift
They don't forget there task they never start to drift
They fight until the end, regardless how there death may be
To show to there king, there true loyalness and honesty

They set out to leave from there home village,
They ride out into the enemy's lands, and begin to pillage,
They spoil them selfs with all the riches and treats,
They celebrate feasts with all different kinds of wine and meats,

A victory won, a huge accomplishment,
They begin to settle down, and pitch there tent,
They leave early in the morning to get off to a good start,
They fire there arrows and pierce the enemy's in there heart,

There ready for there next battle there ready to fight again
They are ready to start the siege and killing of men,
They wait to strike there enemy by surprise of darkness, fighting underneath the light of the moon,
They fight long and hard but they underestimated there enemy, Which lead to there doom

The legends in the past which are no more,
They died not knowing what they were fighting for,
They did not question they did not ask there king
They just hope that there honor was worth savoring


Wrote this poem real fast, Don't expect to get the greatest ratings but figured might as well post it,

Just got some inspiration and wanted to write bout something different, didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it too but this will have to do,

I guess it has the moral of why we do stuff and what the purpose is of it,

This isn't a (anti war) poem or anything like that,

Hope you enjoy it though,



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  • 10 years ago

    by Stephanie

    I don't see why people would think this is bad, because I loved it. It was unique and creative, which is something you don't find too often in a poem. :) The flow was flawless, and the emotions were intense. The only thing I didn't like too much was the fact that you used the word 'they' a lot. But other than that, I think this was amazing. :) Overall: 5.5

    - Steph.

  • Wow, people may think it's a bad poem, but it's really good. The rhyming helped the poem look good and I love the structure in this. I absolutely loved it! Good job!


  • 10 years ago

    by divine divinity

    I really like reading your poems and this one is just another really great one! im a bit dim with all this poetry stuff but i still think this one has eral depth to it, so many people could find something in this one. :)

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