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My name is Eric, I am 17 years old, Love to write and I love music,
Rock,Grundge,Alternative, All that good stuff.

If you have a myspace, you can add me if you want


Please be honest on my poems if you vote and rate, and be honest about them,
If you can tell me what I need to work on I would apreciate,

Be sure to check out my fav's They have excellent well pieced poetry, Much better then mine that's for sure!

And if you have any questions just ask.

Have A Nice Day,


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  • Age : 17
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : USA, Missouri
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Latest Poems By Dark Demise

  • As he lays still,
    He takes one last look over the bed...

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    Questioning the authority...

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    The story, that becomes heroic...

  • I've awakened again, believing every tainted...
    Effecting the rest of my day, I even struggle to...

  • The world will surround your innocence
    Rip you open and sow you back up with ignorance...

Latest Quotes By Dark Demise

  • Guilt is the very essence we breathe

    16 years ago
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  • For the first time I'm letting loose,
    I'm not uptight, I'm callin a truce,
    For first time, I can relax,
    I've finally takin time to fill in the cracks

    16 years ago
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  • Life is much like a carousel
    Spinning around and around again,

    17 years ago
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