The true Reality

by Ck deeP   Sep 28, 2007

INsecuriTies suck.
FrusTration iS stressFuLL.
UnExPpressed WoRds LeaD 2 ConCLusiOns. UneXpecTed AcTiOns CreaTe DOubt.
UnKnOwN ReaLity JudGes BLinDly.
FaKe ChaRaCter FoOLs, BuT OnLy FOOLS Try 2 FaKe iT.
IgNoRanCe CreaTes FOOLS.....
WhO am I 2 Abolish Insecurities?,
To erase frustratiOn?,
To advice u 2 EXPRESS YURSELF?,
when in reality, I don't follow My own adivce. My AcTIONS R SO HYPOCRITICAL COMPARE 2 WAT I BELIEVE....ShaMe On MySeLF 4 Not bein who I truily wanna b just because I'm ''SCARED'' !!!!!, This is all truily deeper then the surface makes it seeem.


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