Pay Attention

by Ck deeP   Sep 29, 2007

Never a day when i wake up nd not shine, im sure of who i am, capable of anything, PPL always tryinna put me down, their intent is useless. I was born 4 a reason, mami couldnt have any kiddz, God put me in this earth to do somethin, may b to pass The messege on; " Ain't never nowun gonna b important enough 2 tell u wat chu cant or not do", i kno it sounds crazy, but its so crazy it might work, ALL u gotta do is set ya mind into anythin u want, anythin is possible, i have learned it the rough way, MAKIN MISTAKES STEPPIN ON THE WRONG LANE. tHAT LANE has ended !!!, i refuse 2 let it exist one more minute in my mind....I MUST ADMIT, IM AFRAID 2 FALL AGAIN. AS A TEENAGER, A YOUNGSTER and a "UNEXPERIENCED" KID, AS some of y'll like 2 refer 2, i admit it, iTSZ CRAZY, but iTSZ Life.


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