by Poet on the Piano   Oct 7, 2007

His teeth were very white,
His eyes were very bright.
Brightly shining,
For me.
His lips were perfectly shaped,
And they were always so smooth,
When his lips reached mine.

When I had kissed him,
His lips were warm,
Comfortably warm.
And always very gentle,
He was never aggressive,
Just soft and sweet.

His skin,
Was so pure,
It was purer than any body's,
Tan skin.
His whole body,
Looked like it was carved,
From one of God's angels.

He had hypnotic eyes,
But they weren't bad,
They were filled with love,
And warmth for me.
When I went to hug him,
His warmth filled my body,
And I could tell he loved me.

He was perfect,
More than perfect,
He was beyond your imagination.
His beauty,
Was unbearable.
You couldn't not love him,
For he was perfect.


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  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Oh, interesting that your first poems were love poems! I do not know why this surprises me, but it does.

    I liked this poem content again, how you really describe every detail that you think was perfect about them, and the way he loved you. There were certain lines I felt held the poem back, like ...

    His lips were warm,
    Comfortably warm.

    - you could just have "his lips were comfortably warm"

    There are a few places where you could change the two lines into one line like so, but I understand this was the style you wrote in back then.

    Nice work.