by Poet on the Piano   Oct 7, 2007

Love means the whole world to me,
It's not just some silly thing,
That you joke about.
You have to open up to it,
And believe that you can be a part of it.

Love doesn't happen to everyone,
But when it does it's a miracle.
It happens everywhere in this world,
Just don't go looking for it,
Let it come upon you.

I can feel the wind on me,
But it's not something you can see.
Love is sometimes hard to see,
But I can always find it,
Deep inside of me.

Having Love in your life,
Is like the sun shining everyday,
Everyone needs it, everyone wants it.
Love is always inside of you,
But true Love lies deep inside your soul.

If there was no Love in this world,
Then life itself would be taken away.
Knowing that it exists,
Makes my heart jump for joy.
Love is very important,
It is a very special gift.

Sometimes things go wrong,
And then were all alone.
Sometimes we end up with a broken heart,
Because you know he loved another girl.

It's very hard at that point,
But we must believe it will be okay.
We must try to mend our hearts,
Even though it seems impossible.

Just because Love is sometimes hard,
We should not be afraid to fall in Love,
We must trust that our hearts will guide us.

It's not just something you pick up along the way,
And really treat badly.
You must care for it,
Because it's the one thing,
You can't live without.

Even if it lasts for a couple of years,
Or if it lasts for a whole lifetime,
Love is all you need to survive.
Love is all you need in your life,


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  • 9 years ago

    by SoUrNameIsTia

    Nice write

    the sun part was clever =]