Unknown Love

by Poet on the Piano   Oct 7, 2007

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I had been with you forever,
But evidently forever wasn't that long.
Because I soon became friends with him,
And nothing more or less than that.
He were just a normal friend.

So we had been friends forever,
Then suddenly today,
He said the words,
I thought he would never say.
The words rang in my ear,
Sounding so sincere.

He had said I love you to me,
And I said that I couldn't love him back.
I loved someone else,
And I couldn't love him to.

He laughed and said,
That I did love him,
I just didn't know it yet.

I forgot what he said,
And I forgot that he loved me.
I went on with my life,
Loving someone else,
Instead of him.
What I didn't know,
Was that I was loving the wrong person.

When he finally wanted to talk to me,
I was so surprised.
I had forgotten about him,
I had put him out of my life.

He said his family needed his help,
And that he had to go.
He said goodbye,
Even though it was hard for him.
Then he started walking away,
All the thoughts suddenly fell into place.
He was right.

All the good times together,
Flashed through my mind.
And I realized I had loved him,
I just didn't want to believe it.

I fought back the tears,
As I realized he was leaving.
It was my only chance now,
To tell him the truth,
Before my life fell apart more.

I ran to him,
And I looked him in the eyes.
He saw what I wanted to say,
And he understood completely.

And I forget about you,
Who I had loved.
I followed my heart,
Which said I needed him.

Deep in my heart,
I loved him,
I just was busy loving you.
But I realized when I loved you,
It was unreal love.

I was just afraid of change,
And I didn't want to try to love someone else,
Because you would be mad at me.
I just erased you out of my mind.

And I put him in my thoughts,
Because I knew I would never forget him.
And I did what I wanted,
I said kiss me.
He was surprised,
But secretly smiling.

I put my arms around his neck,
And he reached for my cheek.
He brushed his soft fingers on it,
And then he said I will.

His lips reached mine,
And mine found his.
His lips were comfortably warm,
And his were gentle against mine.
His scent was sweet,
Just like him.

Both of our lips moved in rhythm,
And I just let go of my worries.
I didn't focus on you,
But on him.

My life turned around,
And from the moment he kissed me,
I had been afraid.
Afraid it wouldn't feel real,
But it did.
He was a perfect kisser.

I knew he was my true love,
That I had never found,
In my lifetime.
I realized how lucky I was,
To have him with me.

He pulled me back slowly,
And he looked at me with his shining eyes,
My eyes connected with his.
I could feel the warmth in his eyes,
And all of the love that poured out of his eyes.

My lips formed the words,
I never imagined I would say,
I said I love you,
With all of my heart.
I was afraid to see his face,
To see if he was really okay.

His response was,
I love you to.
And from that moment,
My heart felt in place.
This was where I belonged,
With him not with you.

His lips were about to reach mine again,
But I pulled back slowly.
I said how will I tell him that I love you?

I had figured it out in my head,
And I went up to you.
I explained it all,
And you felt the same way.
We both really loved someone else.

I told him about it all,
And he said,
See it did work out.
Later that day,
I saw you with another girl,
I was happy for you.

When we were all alone again,
I said I had everything,
I could possibly want,
And that was him.

He blushed but smiled,
And he said he wanted to do something.
He got down on his knees,
And then I knew what he meant.
He said the words I longed to hear,
The words will you marry me?

Tears were rolling down my eyes,
Because I never thought in my life,
I would marry a perfect guy,
Like him.

I whispered softly yes I will,
And he took out a diamond ring.
Then I held my finger out.

He slowly put it on me,
And I took in the breath I was holding.
For I was amazed,
That he had done so much for me,
He really was in love with me.

I started to say thank you,
Then the tears were going by so fast.
I ran to his wide open arms,
And he hugged me very lovingly.

He said that I was the meaning to his life,
And that we could never separate,
For then he would surely die,
For we were perfect and meant to be forever.

I locked my arm around him,
To make sure he wouldn't go.
One of his hands cupped my face,
And the other one was tight around my waist.

I moved closer to him,
And he was so close to me,
That no one could separate us.

I looked in his eyes,
And his love for me filled my heart.
His lips whispered in my ear,
Never leave me, my love.
His lips moved slowly across my throat,
Until they found my lips.

I put my heart and soul in this kiss,
To make sure it wasn't our last one.
Then his lips stopped kissing mine.

He took my hand,
And he kissed each of my fingers,
Until he came to me ring,
That he had given me.

He kissed me again,
More passionately then before.
He seemed enthusiastic,
That we could now spend our life together.

He kept kissing me for several minutes,
My lips moved with his as one.
And this kiss was real,
Just like him.


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  • 10 years ago

    by Boy

    Aaawww. i can say that you are a great writer. carry on

  • 10 years ago

    by xxkatiexx

    That was amazing it was so cute but also sad awww well done il give you 10/10 for that it just shows that if you love someone you should tell them before its too late and they are gone lv k8 xxxx