First True Love

by Poet on the Piano   Oct 7, 2007

When she looked at him for the first time,
She couldn't look away.
He had that powerful force,
That couldn't pull her away.

They were perfect for each other,
And always meant to be,
Throughout their lifetime.

He was a different guy,
That didn't fit in.
Then she found him,
And nothing could pull them apart.
They were inseparable.

They started spending time with each other,
Always right by each others side.
Protecting each other,
And being so kind.
It was all so right.

He was beautiful,
A beauty unimaginable.
He was so attracting,
It was breath taking.

When he looked at her,
It dazzled her.
His face was shaped by an angel,
Every bit of it as perfect as could be.


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