My nephew, Brian

by Arunansu   Oct 14, 2007

He is plump, a little dumb, four year old blighter.
I was, on a story-telling mission, "Once there lived
a fat dog and a thin wolf"
"Years ago"
"How many?"
"Say, five or ten."
"But I wasn't born then!"
"So what, listen now, the dog said-"
"I like COWS!"
"Be quiet! The dog asked the wolf, "why are you so thin?"
"Who said?"
"the dog said."
"why was the dog thin?"
"No, no, not the dog, the WOLF was thin!"
"THAT is what the dog asked. He wasn't getting food regularly."
"The dog was not getting food?"
"NO, the WOLF was not getting food!"
"The dog ate it up?"
"Oh, NO, Brian, see the wolf couldn't get his meal everyday -"
"Because he lived in the jungle. He had to hunt for his prey."
"Everyday. And the dog lived with his master-"
"And his master used to eat his food?"
(Well, you know you got to have patience in cases such as these.)
"Look, the dog was happy with his master, as he was getting meal-"
"The master was getting meal?"
"BOTH the master and his dog, boy!"
"Oh! Then?"
"So the dog asked the wolf to stay with them, he won't remain hungry anymore."
"Then who will remain hungry?"
"NOBODY!" ( It's a far more difficult job than you think.)
"Ok, then?"
"Then the wolf noticed a patch around the dog's neck, there fur had been worn off"
"THAT is what the wolf asked. Dog replied sadly, it
was the place a leather leash keeps him in control-"
"Dog controls the wolf?"
"Dog controls his master?"
"No, wait, see the master normally keeps the dog leashed"
"Now he will leash the wolf?"
"This is exactly what the wolf feared. Good, Brian! He said
I would rather die starving than be at your master's place- "
"Whose master?"
"The dog's, of course"
"The master will now die starving ?"-Well, amid the confusion my Sister called him.

I could hear him say, "Mom! Listen, Uncle told me a funny tale.
Five or ten years back there was a dog and his master,
They couldn't get meal everyday.
So the dog asked the wolf to stay with them,
his master will leash the wolf
and they won't die starving! . . ."

Telling a story is not always easy, right?


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  • 5 years ago

    by mizzy dominguez

    This are the kind of conversations I use to have with my cousin-in-law ('til the big fight we both had) '&& I was usually your little nephew. :) 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by kandi windor

    Woaw.... must be one of the funniest things i've heard... brings flash backs of story times with my nephews 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by Julie

    Wow! it sounds just like story time at my house lol..........very well written! 5/5

  • 10 years ago

    by ToWriteLoveOnHerArms

    ROFL... I sooo know how this goes!