by Arunansu   Jul 30, 2010

Every room in Aunt Kelly's home
is a regular hexahedron

You enter her dining space, and come across
equilateral windowpanes

Exotic landscapes, each having four-equal-sides
hang in a neat display

Squarish wall-clock houses a square-faced
blue bird, tweeting at the stroke of an hour

Vases, square-based, placed on quadrate tabletops
look empty for the want of 'symmetric florets'

You ask her, how on earth did she acquire
those 'boxy' saucepans in her kitchen

And she grins: "Look, my world has a beauty
because of its harmonious arrangement

-even my toenails follow an evenness!"

She tells you that she measures her bed-room
mirror every morning

And to her horror the other day, she found
its length exceeding the limit by three solid inches

And how she has managed to coax that stubborn
store-keeper to place her urgent order

For another new cheval glass, accurately squared.


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