Loved, lost, gone.

by pseudo   Nov 6, 2007

I dial your number , only to hang up the phone again.
I won't wait for the ring that separates your voice from me.

The shallow calls of the wind blows harsh against my face,
The cold breeze is anything but forgiving.

Stumbling, and relapse after relapse.
I've had enough.
Enough of you, and enough who I used to be.

But did you know I missed you?
I did, I know I did, but my words never did connect with you.
They never meant anything to you.

This silence says more, shows more,
than any of the words I could string together.

There is only one meaning to this uncomfortable calm,
No hidden messages, just one, only one.

Seal the deal, and throw away the letter,
Let the ink bleed and fade.

You can write me off in the history books.
At least I can say, you were someone to me.

Loved, lost, gone.
Are the true words to this verse.
They are the basis of my hurt.

Note: I don't really have much structure in this poem, its just purely based on how i felt. i wanted to write a poem that didn't have much of a rhyming scheme so here it is :)


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