Where I Stand

by MuddinGirl   Dec 18, 2007

You may pick and you may fuss
You may tease and you may cuss.

I can't help where I'm from
But they know where I am.

Kentucky is my home there is my heart
But in Tennessee my head for a fresh new start.

Wildcats might not be the best by far
But they'll always be in my list of stars.

You can aggrivate me til you're blue in the face
But when Kentucky is concerned there is no race.

I will always be a little Wildcat fan
And no matter what, I'll take my stand.

So this is a message from me to you
You bleed your orange but I'll bleed my Blue!!

I wrote this for all the friends I have that are University of Tennessee fans!


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  • 10 years ago

    by FallenAngel

    Isn't Kentucky most famous for Bourbon Whiskey and Fried Chicken ? ^_-

    Heh nah, i'm sure it's got gorgeous countryside too. I'd love to see it someday

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