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There isn't much to say at all really. The majority of these poems are improved kind of things, i sit down at my lj and type away when i cant sleep, and out pop these things. All of them are just me trying to figure out what the hells going on, maybe even defending my self. But, i love coffee, cloves, my band, dogs outside of interzone, and teas. Comment sometime, ill attempt to do the same of yours. Take care.

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  • Age : 18
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : USA, Oregon
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Latest Poems By Justin Groft

  • Under the dim falsified glow
    of a lean and towering Eugene street lamp...

  • Above a cheaply plateaued landscape
    of dime-a-dozen evergreens...

  • Every little detail of you is left haunting me
    like amber dipped embedded coals left embraced...

  • Some cold f**king response
    coming from you, of all people...

  • I empty another box...
    clothes from a different fad...

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