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Hi, I am Erika. All my intials are E. so you can call me E, Triple E, E Cubed, or Erika..or Wasted Fake Smiles. Whatever you prefer. I'm in a band called Gangsta Nuts and the Gigantic Wood. lol.

I used to be depressed and thought the world would be a better place without me, but through the years i grew out of my depression and became happy.

My boyfriend is very much inspiration for my poems nowadays. Even though we've only been together since September 13th, 2008, it seems like I've known him my entire life. We have so much in common and we never fight...at least not serious fights [fighting about little things and play fighting don't count, haha]. Anyway, bottom line is I guess, he has shown me how to truly love someone already, who knows what the future may bring..

OH! and for p+q members only, there is a myspace group that i made for us only. become a member! http://groups.myspace.com/poemsandquotesunite

If you need/want to e-mail me, it is bassandtheboiz@yahoo.com

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Latest Poems By Wasted Fake Smiles

  • You stole my heart and mind from first words,
    Instead of seeing bats, I'm seeing birds...

  • I am so sorry I hurt you; I wish I could go back,
    Time but has no rewind, I have no time machine...

  • The first day we talked now seems so long ago,
    But it's safe to say you stole my heart from the...

  • I don't need you to smile anymore; I can smile on...
    I don't need you to feel loved; I'd rather be...

  • Over and over again I continue to fall,
    Can't seem to move on, I keep giving us my all...

Latest Quotes By Wasted Fake Smiles

  • Life is like the sky. Sometimes clear and sunny, sometimes full of thunderous rage, and often times coudy and grey.

    11 years ago
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  • What's the point of being happy, when something will end up happening to make you sad?

    11 years ago
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