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me and my best friend jenna are imigrants from jamaca but no one can know that. we excaped our village full of guys with to to's and girls with coconut boobs. we had to paint ourselves black and stay inside all day because the sun would have made our paint melt and the girls with the coconut boobs w9ould find us and carry us away. LMFAO. dont ask. my brother said to tell you that if he had boobs he would play with himself all the time. lol.i love to walk in the rain. i dont respect athority. i love shoes. i hate it when poeple lie for no reason. i get lonely in crowded rooms. i have lots of friends but hardly even know anything about me. i LOVE to laugh, but i hate my laugh. i like to count the stars.i would take a bullet for my closest friends. i cry during happy moments. i relate to sad songs. i pms bad. i try to hide my pain. i have memories that i can't put behind. i write from my soul. i love deep and hate hard. i somtimes feel afrade to love. sometimes i can be hard to relate to. i dont read the bible and i lie to my grandma about going to church. my eyes are NOT contacts. gawd. i fall too hard too fast. i dont trust easily. i like to read. dancing is more than a hobby. i will stand up for what i belive. drama isnt my thing, dont involve me in it. i am not trying to take your man, you're just paraniod. i give bad advice but you can always open up to me if you please. my mom isnt really my mom. i talk too much. i can distract teachers for a whole class period. everybody knows my name. i can make you smile. i do stupid things when i'm bored and i get crazy when i'm happy. my friends call me lip gloss. JENNA GAVE A BUS BOY MONO. whoot

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  • Because it was love, wasnt it? well its killing me not having it.

    10 years ago
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  • You told me you loved me
    you said youd never leave me
    you kissed my tears away
    and you made me smile like no other
    then you turned around and left
    with no goodbye in your eyes
    and your not here to kiss away my tears

    10 years ago
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  • [[based on actual events]]
    girl: oh snap. i gotta fart.
    friend: i think i'm gonna walk away now...
    girl: noo wait. you have to listen and tell me what you think it smells like.

    10 years ago
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