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i write to express. i love writing...nothing else keeps me half sane..............i have the most wonderful novio. we finally are passing a year together. <january 12,2008> thats wen i got with him.he is everything i could ever want. with out him i just dont know. i just recently had to move back into my ada's because of problems with where me and julio were staying but that'll get settled in time. i miss him.... julio and elissa escalante. we're engaged...oh yeah. lol he has my heart. no one else ever will

te amo mi amor.

lol hit me up if ud like to chat.. and i just graduated....HELL YEAH BRITCHES c/o 2008
Bleeding Fairies cry in the night
loads of blood causes fright


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  • Usted entra en las luchas más grandes con la gente usted se preocupa por el más porque aquellos son las relaciones por las que usted quiere luchar.

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  • In the door in '04 out the gate in '08

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  • A wise girl kisses but doesnt love, listesns but doesnt believe, and leaves before she is left.

    11 years ago
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