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"Life sucks, get used to it." I can't remember any other piece of advice from my father. However, everyday it seems I'm trying to get used to another aspect of life that I can't stand. All while I'm still trying to get used to the things from the years prior. Far as I can see, we are all F'ed and we are all F'ing. I decided earlier that I would try not to fret about things as they come, but rather let them happen if I have no control. Especially since I can't control what other do unto me, but I can control how I react. My writing, my drawings, and my silence to so much ignorance is my reaction. Feel free to comment.

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  • "Don't live life to seriously, you'll never make it out alive"--Van Wilder

    11 years ago
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  • Hope for the best and Hope it dearly, because in thee end Hope is all we have.

    13 years ago
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  • "People are constant in which they are constantly changing."

    14 years ago
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