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.__.' i'm so weird...

but aside from that ~ i like to draw and apparently as i'm told, i'm rather good at it. I draw mostly anime, i also like to watercolor. DDR is my favorite video game i'll pwn you on challenge mode o_O yeah i will noob.

about me.. I'm also told that i'm particularly good at giving advise, ironically about love which i've never had >_> i'm nice. I won't judge you. I believe everyone has their good and bad points and if you're only going to accept the good points you might as well not be friends with the person. I can be a little crazy some of the time. Surprisingly i'm actually intelligent. It's kind of hard to say anything about me unless you get to know me because i can be different than i seem. <3

oh and in case you haven't noticed... I use faces a lot to describe my feelings ^_^ .___.' >_< D:< :D :p

Copyright on all my work. copy&pasting things and passing them off as your own will not make you a better writer nor will it accomplish anything D:< ~

anywho, e-mail me ^_^ it cheers me up seeing as i always end up depressed somehow >hates emotions<

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  • "forever is just a word they created to give us a false sense of security when we know something won't last...."

    -made by me..-

    12 years ago
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