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*~*~Ðεαтн is иot thε most тrαgic loss iи lifε. тнε mosт тяαgic loss is wнαт diεs iиsidε of you wнilε you’яε sтill αlivε.~*~* Writing is my escape...I love this site there're so many talented people here. Thanks to everyone who votes/comments it means alot. I'll always try and comment back on yours. I won't say anything more about me cause you can read it in my poems so go read! they're pretty much all sad, because I'm a very introverted person and pen and paper is how I let out what I hold in. but I'm not always how that makes me sound..I have my moments, even though life doesn't always seem worth living. and by reading other peoples poems here I know I'm not alone in how I feel, I read things about suicide all the time, and even though I write those kind of things myself, all I can think is "I sure hope they make it" even if we don't know eacother, just know there are always people who care, and we all set an example for eachother. so lets all try and pull through. if I can make it I dare you to try too.


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  • Here on my wrists
    This is my art
    Matching the pain
    Thats locked in my heart

    ~beautifully broken

    14 years ago
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  • Some Believe in destiny
    Some believe in fate
    I believe that happiness
    Is somthing we create

    14 years ago
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  • "Love is when a girl puts on perfume & a boy puts on shaving cologne & they go out & smell each other."
    Kari - age 5
    ...haha just thought that was kinda cute

    14 years ago
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