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I write for me......I always have and always will! I dont sit down with a preconcived idea of what to write about....I just write!

I tend to write more dark and sad poetry rather than inspirational or love stuff! But thats me!

I have been writing for well over 3 years now! Im always evolving, and ever-changing!

While walking in public, people look at me kind of different. They see this crazy loud chic with too much makeup on and listening to music they deem at too vulgar. I like this attention though. I like to push the limits of society and burst people's opinions...its what I live for.

My writing seems like every other "emo" kids writing.....but the thing that makes me different from them, I have lived through this, I say what I know and discuss only things from personal experience. I have been depressed and I have praticed self-mutliation and I have lived in a self-made hell. And thats what I know!

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  • A beating heart pumps blood through her
    Slowly decomposing body, as she lies there...

  • Broken windows, Bloody window panes,
    Un-kept grass, unloved deteriorating...

  • Feeling the wind softly caress
    The curves of her body...

  • Hiding from these lies and the deceptions he has...
    Unsure of how to deal with myself, and my...

  • Diamonds and Pearls!
    She cuts her writs with Diamonds...

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  • Don’t look back, b/c that brings nothing but sorrow, pain, suffering, and chaos in 2 ur life.Keep ur head high and live life each day one at a time.If u need anything rely on the ones, who surround you, not the ones who dwell on themselves

    12 years ago
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  • Everything happens for a reason. Just remember its not what everyone thinks of u, in the long run it’s what u think of urself.

    12 years ago
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  • Learn to love helps...and it eases the pain and suffering you might and possibly already have endurded. Just rememeber that the dull and boring moments may be plentiful, but its what makes the exciting moments so much better and worthwhile.

    13 years ago
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