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My name is amanda...
I keep finding more and more of my poems on different websites. I like the fact that people enjoy the poems, but please give me credit...

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : USA, Florida
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Latest Poems By Amanda

  • All the feelings, I can't even begin to share
    For everything I've lost, it's not even fair...

  • This is a poem that rhymes with E
    It wont' make sense, it doesn't have to be...

  • What is this feeling you have made?
    Makes me forget what to do...

  • This is a moment I will never forget
    because all the words he spoke were true...

  • I think about each and every day
    all the memories that we share...

Latest Quotes By Amanda

  • I gave you my heart and trusted you with my all, but in the end you just left me to fall.

    9 years ago
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  • I have been hurt before so its not easy for me to love again, but you gave me a reason for that idea to end.

    9 years ago
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  • You are the beat in my heart, the butterflies in my stomach, the music in my ears, the reason for my smile, and the only guy for me.

    9 years ago
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