Favorite Poems of Meme

  • Mirror: (9) 4

    by Scott Cole

    Oh Mirror I stand in front of thee,
    And peer inside so deep indeed...

  • Tinsel Tom (9) 4 HM

    by Maple Tree

    A giant, with a mind of a child.
    One of the many children...

  • What is Love??? (English sonnet) (3)

    by Robert Gardiner

    This is a sonnet I wrote, that dates back to at...
    What is Love??? (English sonnet...

  • Time Capsule (3) 2 HM

    by Hannah Lizette

    Frustration was his comb
    as he smoothed his hair...

  • Scarlet lights shining
    John pays for Jezebel's smile...

  • Renewable Resource (10) 2

    by Hannah Lizette

    Lately, I've felt
    like a tourist inside...

  • Vanishing Point (double tanka) (2)

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Ghosts of memories
    are manifest in the fog...

  • E.t.a (11) 6 HM

    by Chelsey

    If I could buy tears in a grocery store
    I'd grab a can, because I'm not done...