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im lydia...yup thats me (unfortunatally) life stinks most all day long unless ur one of those preppy b**@#$% that every emo wants to kill =] thats me alright preps should die and burn in h*$%but oh sh** im gunna b in h@#$ so theyre gunna have to go in heaven or that place in between heaven and h$%@i cant remember what its called but i dont want them down there in h*@#with me thats for sure but enough about my home (h*$%) ha um i stink at skool, my mom h8s me, i never met my "real" dad, im all alone, never had a boyfriend(ur probbaly laughing at me...but ive cried enough today so stfu) my favorite band in the whole freaking world is MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!! i saw them in concert and ive been in luv with them ever since i got REALLY close to the stage where Gerard was(hes so god d@mn s3xy) and yeah my myspace url is so yeah msg me and say like i commented one of ur poems on poems & quotes or whatever idk ...anyways i h8 posers that say their life is messed up when it really isnt, i h8 ppl who label me as i.j. goth emo FREAK weirdo loner etc. im just me and thats all ill ever frekin be so get use to depressed A LOT i cant help suks really bad at this point my mom has been divorced 2 times and ive never met my "real" dad u know my biological dad..she says i dont want to know him cause hes mental and is on a lot of drugs...and then theres my step dad...hes just getting over cancer..he had a brain tumer and sh@# like that kemo, the works...yeah i personally didnt really care cause he was ALWAYS mean to me and blaming things on me and to this day he still does but i see him like once or twice every month cause i live with my mom and her boyfriend...and i dont want to see him anyways...when i write poems they take my pain and depresshin and sadness into words and what i only wish i could tell people but they'll think im weird or could care less about my life which is mostly the case...hope u ppl understand ='[

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Latest Poems By lydia

  • Im already dead,
    Does it matter anymore...

  • His eyes are blood shot red,
    And his words are stuttering...

  • I come home from school everyday,
    I wish I would never leave that place...

  • Mommy, I cant sleep,
    My eyes just wont close...

  • Her

    Her life is falling apart,
    Or at least from what her friends have told her...

Latest Quotes By lydia

  • Why i cry these tears at night
    you will never

    11 years ago
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  • For all the blood weve shed,
    And the tears that weve cried.
    Ill never forget the day,
    That you died.

    11 years ago
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  • This pain,
    I hate.
    This love,
    Can wait.

    11 years ago
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