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Well guys its been 2 years since ive written a poem... 2 years since ive been on here... stay tuned i will be picking it all back up :)

Well i hope you like my poems please read and comment if u can.

~Love Always Jess~

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Latest Poems By Broken Ballerina

  • I'm never letting you go...
    and i thought you should know...

  • This love has no pride
    when tonight i call your name...

  • Well I'm just a little girl
    nothing spectacular there...

  • When you crying, till you couldn't anymore
    how i held you tight each and every night...

  • When I woke up this morning
    and all his things were gone...

Latest Quotes By Broken Ballerina

  • You thought that they loved you
    You hoped that they cared
    You dream that they want you
    You dreamed, you despaired
    Planned that they'd hold you
    Wished your life away
    Cause love lasts forever, and
    Forever came today.

    8 years ago
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  • Lying in bed dreaming back to our first kiss
    the first time we danced with no music
    the first time you held me while I cried
    but I just wish I could forget your goodbye.

    8 years ago
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  • Nothing is more disgusting than a boy who lies and hurts a girl just to prove he's a 'man'.

    8 years ago
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