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Latest Poems By kathy

  • No matter what I seem to do,
    I end the day thinking of you...

  • You make me smile with just a hello
    You make me warm when it's 10 below...

  • Sometimes you can do everything right
    You can love with all your heart...

  • What happens will happen, even if we cry;
    It does not seem to matter what we think...

  • Ive searched so many places,
    Trying to find the one for me...

Latest Quotes By kathy

  • I know that we did our best
    We both put in the time
    We made each other believe
    I was yours and you were mine
    But charades don't last forever
    The game eventually ends
    And so we must say good bye
    No longer lovers or even friends

    6 years ago
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  • I'm ready to try again
    To open up my heart
    To let somebody else in
    who won't tear it apart
    I'm ready to start anew
    And know that it just might
    Not turn out to be forever
    I'll know I'll be alright

    7 years ago
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  • I could tear up all of your pictures
    and burn all of your gifts
    I could convince everyone else around me
    That you no longer exist
    But my heart will know the truth
    It will look past my lies
    And know that I still want you
    But God only will know why

    8 years ago
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