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So, here I am, sitting in my Chemistry class on my cell phone, typing this silly little bio thing about me. Interesting eh? Well, my name is Jayden Mackwell and I'm a 16 year old poet who's not so secretly studying to be a translator for the CIA. I've had chemical depression for several years, but poetry has helped me through it. I like feedback on my poems, but if you leave a comment, I beg you, PlEaSe dOn'T TyPe LyKe tHiS. It's really hard to read, and it makes you seem unintellegent. Thank you!

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  • Age : 16
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  • Country : Germany
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Latest Poems By Jayden Mackwell

  • We met against all odds,
    Through mutual friends of ours...

  • I look in a mirror,
    And what do I see...

  • You promised you'd come and visit,
    You said you might even stay...

  • At times the words doesn't seem right,
    And nothing seems fair at all...

  • Sometimes I wish,
    I could turn back time...

Latest Quotes By Jayden Mackwell

  • I pledge alligence,
    To Bush Co,
    Of the Corporate States of America,
    And to the republicans,
    Because they command,
    One nation,
    Under surveliance,
    Clearly divided,
    With war and terror,
    For oil.

    (This is my new pledge of alligance.)

    17 years ago
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  • Some people say that anger is just love dissappointed, some people say that love's just a state of mind.

    17 years ago
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  • Punk rock is a place for the disenfranchised and the alienated, NOT for the people who do the alienating.

    17 years ago
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