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My name is Nicole. i just like to say that i put alot thought into my poems. alot of who i am goes into them, so i dont like that iv seen people claim them as theirs on other website.

be original and stop stealing my work.

thank you.

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  • I’m trapped here, between darkness and...
    I’m hopeless, ready to give up this...

  • A year & half, and you threw it all away.
    And because I love you so, I cant force you to...

  • I sit in front on the mirror and stare.
    Hoping she will leave, as I glare...

  • Death (2)

    I think about how easy death must be,
    what it would be like to finally be free...

  • Oh if i we're a bird,
    id fly, fly away...

Latest Quotes By nicole

  • I stole your smile, because i was unable to steal your heart.

    9 years ago
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  • Im hurt, but im numb..
    its like i cant feel the pain, but i know its there.


    i said this to a friend after telling her what happen that night

    10 years ago
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  • I fell for the lines that left me hypnotized.
    i was amazed and mesmerized
    you have a cold heart, iv realized
    what you were doing to me, i never reconized
    how could you play this brutal game you demized
    my once beating heart is now paralyzed.

    11 years ago
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