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ello!!! im a freak. i thought ill b straight with u. but im a nice, bi freak!! im the one who goes around with eyeliner dwn my face, wears long strippy socks in p.e nd names my rabbits after greenday members! (i luv u billie joe!) =D thanks to Noel Feilding me and Kat-x- are CHEEKY B*ITCHES!! woot! ive got tourettes, astma nd retinitous pigmentosous (<is that spelt right?) im seriously messed in the head but it makes me different nd i luv it!
i just wanna add sumut... thanks 4 all the comments, but not all the poems r based on me or my life. some of the comments r rli sweet, but now i feel guilty 4 making ppl worry!!
(oh nd im sowwy if i insult anyone. im only avin a bubble! dnt take it seriously!)


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  • Boy and girl meet at party,
    Boy and girl hit it off...

  • Shes left, walked out. she said she would.
    and nows shes gone. gone for good...

  • See these rings that litter my hands,
    and these chokers that have there grip on my...

  • A slash of the wrists and its over,
    ill clean up the blood and I'm done...

  • We have just been given some important news,
    there has been an update. they've found more...

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  • It was when i sat back and looked at the stars i began to wonder...

    10 years ago
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  • Im not a retard...
    im just a very special girl...

    10 years ago
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  • My daughter was going to give you the gift of her virgininity tonight. would you be ever so kind and decline?

    10 years ago
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