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I have suffered depression for most of my life. Without the help of others around me I would not be here of which I am sure. Three things have changed my life recently, firstly I suffered a pretty nasty knock to the head and ended up with brain damage. I don't feel stupid but I mentally tire incredably fast and I sleep alot.

Secondly I fell in love with this wonderful german girl Sheri and she is a Doll ( she live in states and everyone specials a doll ), shame we can't be together I am not very well and would only be a burdon.

Thirdly a close family member died recently and we found out that he had been molesting many of the younger relatives. Some things just feel unreal and I wish it was just a bad dream. But you have destroyed so many innocent lives. Trust is like a heart once broken the scar's never truely go away.

Last of all I'd like to say hello to my friends, Helen, Scott (dad) and Yrene if you come by

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