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...Hope you guys enjoy my poems. Many of my poems are written in first person. Please don't misread that as true experiences. Most of them are dreams or imaginations. I am a bit style freak and so you can find different poetic formats. Please feel free to read some of them and leave some comments. I appreciate constructive criticism...........

...Thanks for reading and commenting on my poems.

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Latest Poems By Ş∂ņďħy∂

  • My mom is happy as I talk to her everyday
    I remind her to take medicines by SMS...

  • You heard a whisper of mine, yesterday
    And lent your caring hands everlastingly...

  • Freaking sounds and weary creepers
    Made me wake up from a deep sleep...

  • My parents covered me in their caring arms
    Till my tender steps were firm enough...

  • When the tender breeze mixed with your breath kiss...
    I can feel the enigmatic spells that you cast on...

Latest Quotes By Ş∂ņďħy∂

  • The one whom i love is asking me to stay away
    The one whom i am asking to stay away is loving me!
    Why do love face so much confussion?

    14 years ago
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  • At every wink of my eye
    I said "I miss you"
    At every breath i take
    Now i say "I LOVE YOU"

    14 years ago
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  • Touching at my heart i said to you
    " I LOVE YOU"
    Touching at my soul i am saying now

    14 years ago
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