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Hey my names sara. i personally see improvement in all of my poems, but its my life, its the way i feel. all of my poems i have personally expeianced. i had a bad break up a while back, and you can probally see that in my work, things are starting to turn around for me... cuz i found the love of my life...

[[H o b b i e s]]: MUSiC... its the 2nd most important thing to me. i want to be a high school music teacher. i play the alto saxophone, the guitar, and sing.
WRiTiNG... its what i do when i cant get the words to speak.

[[F r i e n d s]]: My best friend is the love of my life. shes amazing. i am not gay or bi or lez i just consider myself to be me, please dont stero type me or ridcule me, im not a bad person.

[[ F a m i l y]]: i get along with my family on occasion... on good days...

[[ B i o ]]:
* im 16
* i was born in Febuary
* i live in Arizona
* my faviorte colors are Green and Purple.
* im shy untill i get to kno you.
* i go to church every sunday.
* i am christian.
* i have a boyfirend that treats me great.
* i have lots and lots of friends.
* i love to give advice.

i{{if you wanna kno anything else just ask.}}

Much Love,


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  • Next time i see a shooting star imma wish for it to go to some who needs it ive already got [[EVERYTHING]] i need.

    10 years ago
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  • "[[I]] want you, [[I]] want all of you. Forever. You and me, {{everyday}}"

    10 years ago
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  • As time goes by i miss you more.
    your mad, and i cant fix it,
    all i wanna do is see your face.
    [[im sorry]] {{iLOVEU}}

    10 years ago
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