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I'm not the best poet, I haven't taken alot of classes and it's not a big priority or a passion, it's just the best way I've found to get my point across. I do hope to one day be a really good poet, and it would help to recieve critizism and advice and whatnot. What I don't want are snotty remarks and negative remarks, I am trying. But I also don't want everything sugarcoated. If there is something i could improve on, let me know, I can handle it! Thanks for your help, I hope you enjoy my poems! (=

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  • Life's too short to keep the same hair color.

    9 years ago
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  • Tired, but I can't sleep. Hungry, but I can't eat. Sad, but I can't cry. Over, but I can't die.

    10 years ago
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  • "Life gets hard. It changes pace right when you start to figure it out. People you were once obsessed with, become people you need. And people you need, become people who hurt you."

    10 years ago
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