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Not much to say, I'm a high School student. I love reading and without my ipod I wouldn't function. I love to write and you'll often see me sitting around with a pen and notebook in hand scribbling down notes. I often offend people with my point of view so I apologise a head of time for that. And that's it. PM me if you wanna know more.

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  • I'm over you right?
    Then why does my heart jump when i see you. Why do i blush and get clumsy when your around. Why do i act like this! im over you!

    9 years ago
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  • " Chocolate is the bext cure i think"

    - Jessica a sweedish back packer i met :)

    9 years ago
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  • We were wondering around town

    we were soo drunk we went into a serveic staition stole a bag of ice went down to a canal and 'released it bak into the wild'

    9 years ago
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