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Well Ilove writing and i think it helps me to deal with alot of my issues and um i have just enough to keep me crazy. I love everyones insight on things here and everyone is super talented! i fight and argue with myself alot because i'm not sure who i really am nor who i want to be.

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  • Age : 17
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  • Another blade today
    Another blade to cut me so deep that the blood...

  • Lost myself in this bitterness of life
    I lost my morals...

  • Like a drowning child in a well
    You were never taught to tread water for so long...

  • Her eyes are closed, she's asleep.
    So don't try to wake her, don't make a peep...

  • Cupid (4)

    Baby cupid shot me with an arrow
    i watched the blood ooz out...

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  • With you, if there was ever a moment I didn't feel complete it is because my heart skipped a beat.

    9 years ago
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  • Everymoment is the future until it's the past. So do we ever have a moment that it ours, a moment we call the present?

    9 years ago
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