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Hello, My name is Amanda. I love poetry!! Its the best way to put your feelings into words if you find it hard to do so.

I have hateful poems, that are very vivid and has profanity, when i get angry i sit, pick up a pen, find a sheet of blank paper, and write until i can't write no more!!

i love reading poetry to see how other are feeling and to build my own vocabulary. People say that i have good poems. But most of my poems are depressional. i don't know why.

Ratings and comments are appreciated so i know where my weak and strong points are. comments are needed to let me know where i need to build myself on writting better poems.If comment and votes are given the favor will be returned

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  • Where were you when i cried alone at night?
    where were you to say everything will be alright...

  • No matter what i do, no matter what i say,
    I'll never be good enough like Ray...

  • If i lose you i know I'll die where i stand,
    i think I've fallen in love and its to much to...

  • Now i know i loved you, because you're not here,
    i just wanted a break, but it was to much for you...

  • Will this be different will i change?
    is this feeling real because it feels so strange...

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  • What goes around comes around, thats why i'm scared to love. i've broke so many hearts, and gods laughing from above. i know my turn is near, now that hes in my arms, i know i'm going to get hurt, while i wear my heart on my shirt.

    10 years ago
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  • I knew your situation, i knew about your unborn child, but i still wanted you to be in my life, now you left me in the dark, holding your kid and kissing your wife, its okay i deserved what i get, but everything we shared i won't ever forget.

    10 years ago
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  • Funny how i believe your lie.... but halarious it ended with the sound of your cry

    10 years ago
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