About AlyssaBrook

The name's Alyssa Brook.

I suppose I'm here to get opinions

about my poetry and stuffz.

Although I RARELY come on any

About my Writing:

I've been told I'm an excellent writer.

I used to be all into Poetry and

But now.

I'm into Novels and shit.

I never have liked my Poetry.

What writer does?

Tell me what you think of my writing.


Positive. Kind.


I don't mind, it's your opinion.


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  • Age : 99
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  • Country : USA, Montana
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  • Don't tell me I'm pretty unless you mean it
    Don't tell me I'm different unless I really am
    Don't hold me in your arms unless you want to
    Don't say "I love you ..." unless you really do

    10 years ago
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  • An Eternity I've waited,
    To shed my smiling mask
    and show the world my true feelings,
    and who I really am.

    (my signature quote)

    10 years ago
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  • Is it too much to ask for to be loved for who I am, rather than what I am?

    10 years ago
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