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I used to write in high school and through the process of living life kinda forgot about it, writing I mean...It wasn't until some major life events happened that I rediscovered this old passion and need, for really who doesn't write out of some driving need for expression or excorcism or whatever. Originally, I had an outlet in which to peruse others' work, as well as get honest (please I appreciate a good and justified" needs work") feedback for my own ventures. My journey led me here, so hopefully this is where I can stay for awhile to learn and grow (I know so cliche but truly hard to avoid at times)

*p.s. I really hate writing bios, how do you successfully bottle your self in a conveniant little paragraph..I envy those who seem to gracefully achieve this for this is the best I can do. Please read my poems, I promise I will return the favor.

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