Favorite Poems of InvisibleHourglass

  • You (1)

    by Soulful Ensemble

    You're somebody's best friend,
    You're somebody's high school crush...

  • What Of The Stories? (1)

    by C Cattaway

    Someone, somewhere, once told me a story.
    Someone once promised a rainbow...

  • Obviously Transparent (2)

    by Nikkicola

    I hide behind what I thought was the truth..
    However, theres one lie separating me, and thats...

  • So young but knowing whats going on
    She turned around and knew the pain she couldnt...

  • Dancing in the Rain (4)

    by Painted on Smile

    Raindrops fall against the piano keys of the...
    in the distance a girl dances...

  • Earthen Roses (1)

    by Erinbob

    In the constant darkness I strain to see
    What I was and who I am to be...

  • There All Blind (2)

    by Alexander

    I stand there and smile
    Nod my head and laugh...

  • 1180 Emails (16)

    by Goran Rahim

    Last night
    I heard...

  • Juliet (2)

    by Jenn

    They became the best of friends.
    And swore to stay that way until the end...

  • Silver raindrops (7)

    by C Cattaway

    The rain is falling down on me
    But only silver raindrops fall...