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26, obsessed with video games, reading and writing.

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  • Hurricane (1) 1

    You were warmth
    The sun shining through a cold winter day...

  • I’ve never been too good at letting myself get...
    My heart is a tattered mess that you’re trying...

  • Happiness was sitting in the old worn down...
    Happiness used to be sitting shotgun in a car with...

  • He said can’t you hear me, why can’t you just...
    But the last time I checked relationships didn’t...

  • Barely beating now
    Lost in it's uncertainty...

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  • Life's a video game, there's glitches and bosses and some days turn out to be impossible levels that we aren't sure we can make it through. But everyday is a new life and a new chance to win the game. :)

    7 years ago
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  • You impress me daily with your sarcasim, my problems...I forget them.
    Your witty jokes and your smirk make me forget that I've been hurt :)

    8 years ago
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  • I write not because I want to but because pencil and paper always find their way to me. I write when I can no longer fight it, I write because I must.

    8 years ago
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