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A Message To The Queens

All women are strong
You can see Feminine Power in their eyes
And I guarantee that
through anything a women shall rise

Just look at the way we were made
Created to love, Nurture and Create
our bodies were designed
with a brush tip so fine
We all have a beautiful Landscape

Physically strong yes we are
For we are warriors with a womb
From the African Queens to the Egyptian Goddesses in Their tomb
And it is normal that we will shed tears
but through the cycle of lives we will shed our fears

To my Sisters around the world
Embrace your hair your clothes and your eyes
It donâ??t matter if your petite in size or got some weight on your thighs
just honor your temple Queen
Stay Educated and maintain pride
And don't forget these true words real beauty is inside

So when you Walk down the street hold your head up High
Cuz were Warriors with a womb
Never let them see you cry .

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