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hey ppl whats going on? im kyle and im pretty awesome. i enjoy writing and expressing my feelings so yup. im pretty immature hehe cuz im just awesome like that. i love making ppl smile and making them feel better. I'm not really too big on the proper way to write poetry also, that kinda makes it not fun anymore so if you dont like it, then Fxck you :P lol jk hehe so check out my poems, talk to me and we'll become awesome friends yeah? alright bye byes

Add them up h0es hehe

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  • Love is like a mirage...just as you think your getting closer it only looms further...and when you finally think you get disappears...and you suddenly realize..that it was never there to begin with

    11 years ago
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  • Darkness Surrounds Me...But I Have A Light That Burns Bright Inside......The Darkness Will Not Consume Me For I Am Hopeful

    11 years ago
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  • Shattered Hearts....Are More Powerful And Stronger Once Mended.......

    11 years ago
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