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All I Can Say Is That I ADORE SOMETHINGG CALLED HIM ! x He's The Reason For The Breaths I'm Taking Every Second In My Lifee .. I'm Nothing Without Himm .. I DO MEAN IT ..

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  • I Wanted More This Time Cause I Thought It Was...
    I KNow I'm The One To Blame...

  • *I miss you when something really good happens...
    *all the wonderful times we spent with each other...

  • Why Am I Still Crying, Why Do I Keep Trying ?
    Does He Even Notice That He's The Reason I'm...

  • I have a friend
    Who is perfect for me...

  • I Was Just Like Your Birthday Toy
    You Were So Happy Once You Got It...

Latest Quotes By I Adore My Lil Babee x

  • If Just Remembering Youur Name Makes Me Smile So, What The Hell Would Happen To Me When I See Youu Leaving The Plane & Coming Close To Me!

    -- Miss Youu Babe <33 --

    9 years ago
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  • -- But The Thing I Love The Most Is That I Still Knoww It When You're Lyingg -- x

    9 years ago
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  • Her: Promise To Keep Me Forever x
    Him: I Promise Babe
    Her: & Now Promise To Keep Your Promise !
    Him: " Smiles, Hugs Her, Gives Her A Forhead Kiss " I Promise, I Really Do (: x

    9 years ago
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