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Love poetry... Hope to write some and read other good ones ( Hope ya like mine lol ) Im the one my friends to go for advice and stuff like that... It always seems i know exactly what to do for them but when it comes to me, im confused.
I love meeting new people so send me a message, If your having trouble with something and need to talk shoot me a PM.

I look back at my writing from years ago, and hope that I can continue to write for people, and inspire people.

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  • Age : 20
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  • I'm Torn by the miles between us
    How'd you get so far away...

  • Ya need to listen to the words here that I'm...
    There's people dying on these streets and they...

  • There's nothing like a warm summer day,
    Wind blowing through your hair...

  • Something about that look thats in your eyes,
    trying hard to figure out; just what it may...

  • You can only see appearances,
    Like the color of my skin...

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  • How can you judge other people for the way they look and yet still praise god... He is the one who made us all so you are only judging the creation god has made.

    10 years ago
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