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Two feet tread this rootless earth, moulding its curve with their print. They move, glide over the softness of mountains and the roughness of wet mud. They move- to their aim- to their destination. They create. They destroy. They are complete. They are powerful. They are ours.

At the epitome of insanity: Even cows fly.

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Latest Poems By Bare My Paradox

  • I sipped upon your creative juices,
    and drowned, another finger...

  • He surrendered to an open plea,
    The poignant lustful aroma...

  • And there she hid-
    An anomalous recluse...

  • A distortion;
    A convulsing heatwave...

  • With reluctant, fumbling feet,
    A heart of awkward guilt...

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  • Pride is often treated in prejudice
    for the right reasons for it, most do not know.

    10 years ago
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  • Some people have an image to keep, Some have a life to live

    10 years ago
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  • When you get everything you need, Its time for you to achieve everything you want

    10 years ago
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