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my name is David Thomas Johnson, I am a 21 year old living in Indiana and have a love for History and writing. I like nature, hiking, and delivering speeches to large crowds of people. I try and range my poems out between all different topics and walks of life

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  • Age : 21
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  • Country : USA, Indiana
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  • It's always the same song and dance
    I've given you the millionth chance...

  • Let It Be (1) 1

    I stand in the city streets shouting my heart out
    people walk by without a turned head or doubt...

  • The Christmas season has come and gone once more
    like a carnival it must leave though we still...

  • Caught by indecision and lacking the power
    feelings begin strengthening and hope to flower...

  • Writhing on the floor screaming in pain
    cannot sleep or eat feeling the drain...

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  • "Snow should be treated like wild beasts at the Zoo, observed from behind a pane of glass and never disturbed"

    14 years ago
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  • "I walk through life automatically assuming everyone is better than me, and that I must continually gain their respect and trust, and thus far I have not been disappointed at the results"

    14 years ago
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  • Many times people confuse the paths others need to go on with the path they should have travelled themselves and the advice they are giving is the advice they should have taken

    14 years ago
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