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Every life you touch, every soul you reach out to, every person you smile to does not go unoticed....If you are angry with the ways things are, there is always a way to help, as gradual and hopeless as it may seem. And there are people out there who say the ideals you dream of will never be, and that what you are doing does not and will never change a single thing....And even if, in my lifetime, I see no change, I will be content. Because I know I did what I believed was right and I didn't take anything from anyone who told me that I couldn't. I will be forever peaceful to know that I just might have shined a single ray of light on someone's darkened life.
Everything is something.

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  • Tonight I'll go to sleep
    And maybe I'll close my eyes...

  • Rain, rain, just go away, don't come again another...
    And butterfly, sweet butterfly, don't fly away...

  • A smile is a reason to live
    An action is a hurricane of doubts...

  • Here in my hands, I hold the meaning of life.
    It's not much. A bit of writing scrawled upon a...

  • Sometimes the world is too black to record
    Some things are just too often ignored...

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  • Love is impossibly hard to define, but once found, it is somehow simple to recognize.

    10 years ago
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  • The words of a poet make heard the voices of hearts even their bearers may not hear.

    10 years ago
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  • Fate lines up the dominos, our actions knock them over.

    10 years ago
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