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You will find that most of my poems revolve around God. I strive to make Him the center of my life. I am not that good at writing, but I do my best. Check out Lipton, lyn renae, Juli, Anne Conner, and Nobrainy_duh!

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Latest Poems By It Itty

  • You never realized the pain you caused me...
    you will never realize the scars you made...

  • When (3)

    When will I be released from this place?
    When will I be with my Father...

  • What is this feeling?
    Separating me from you...

  • Lord, I praise your name.
    You bless me in countless ways...

  • Feeling depressed...not knowing why.
    Having a rotten time, but not wanting to die...

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  • If you hear a scream coming from the other room, don't's dead.

    13 years ago
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  • Just be yourself-if you try to be 200 different people your going to end up being someone nobody enjoys being around. God created you the way He wanted you to be.

    13 years ago
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  • HYPY--Have you prayed yet?

    14 years ago
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