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Under the former name of Phantom but I changed it to Rhinehalt. My accounts on other poetry and art sites is under that new name. I've been with site since high school, since 2003.

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  • Age : 34
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Ohio
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Latest Poems By Rhinehalt

  • A spand of time, where words unwind,
    Trickling forth over the waterfall's edge...

  • Ensnared in the whispers of the encage,
    Laced by the insanity, bounded by shadows...

  • When the midnight clock rings it's bells,
    A Siren dwelling within her soul, will arise...

  • Wandering along the willow's path,
    He stops to ponder the nights that past...

  • A boyish sound, that vibrates through the air,
    It tickles the ears as it swirls about, then dives...

Latest Quotes By Rhinehalt

  • I once said goodbye would be better sometimes than hanging on, I never thought that would include you, my best friend.

    2 years ago
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  • The "me" I really am, would terrify the "me" you think you see.

    7 years ago
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  • You know nothing of me and if you "saw" me, you would scream.

    9 years ago
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