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About myself, okay: Favorite thing for me to do, annoy my family and friends with taking to many odd and random photos. Drawing is done at random, I write a lot of poetry. Be it long or short poems. Just what I feel like writing.

I love to space out looking up at the stars in the dead of night, and I mean the dead of night, like at 2 am to 5 am. I'm a night owl. I lose myself there, in that sky that I have all to myself at night. It calms me, inside and out, and then it claims me with no fight.

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  • Age : 33
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  • Country : USA, Ohio
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Latest Poems By Phantom

  • A ribbon in time
    That binds and bends...

  • I Am Free (1) 1

    The chilled breeze bends around quiet road,
    The taste of coming snow in the air...

  • The shades of colors hidden with in the eyes.
    A dreaming brush that sits and awaits the image...

  • A sweet scent in the air,
    The yellow fluff raising in the heat...

  • Because (2) 2

    So special hope
    For your broken heart...

Latest Quotes By Phantom

  • I once said goodbye would be better sometimes than hanging on, I never thought that would include you, my best friend.

    2 years ago
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  • The "me" I really am, would terrify the "me" you think you see.

    6 years ago
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  • You know nothing of me and if you "saw" me, you would scream.

    8 years ago
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