Favorite Poems of Isabella

  • You've been everything to me: a father,
    Teacher, playmate, model, conscience, friend...

  • You said you loves us with all your heart
    then why did you leave for that man...

  • Maybe Someday (1)

    by Tyana

    Maybe someday the world will make sense
    maybe someday it will stop feeling wrong...

  • Looking Through Thin Air (6) 1

    by Gone Forever

    Sit down and look around,
    tell me what you see...

  • I miss you

    by Amy

    I miss you, I miss you
    I miss you...

  • Reminded (1)

    by austin

    Sitting outside thinking of you and as the...

  • Cigarette (2)

    by Steph

    Flick, flick, flick,

  • Ajsp '08

    by XieanaLux17

    We were so young, we were so free
    Madly in love, just you & me...

  • Why such a cold heart?

    by BeautifullyBroken

    When will you stop with all these lies
    its become so routine, you don't even see me cry...

  • Going Away (7)

    by Silent Scribbler

    As the town around me sleeps.
    I surround myself in lonely weeps...

  • Goodbye Summer (2)

    by Bella

    So today is the day
    The day to say goodbye and walk away...

  • That's no way to say goodbye (4)

    by broken sword

    I loved you in the morning, our kisses deep and...
    your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden...

  • The Unknown (3)

    by LostWords

    Take a deep breath,
    easier said than done...

  • Of an Eye

    by tears i cry

    Sometime poems they dont quite rhyme
    And sometimes i guess they do...

  • Tears (1)

    by Karrington

    Tears of guilt
    Tears of remorse...

  • You'll Find Someone Else (288) 11

    by TinyDancer46

    Age of six
    He loved her so...

  • Just Friends? (91) 4

    by LeAnNe

    I love you more every day,
    My name I long for you to say...

  • I try to find the words
    the words that don't exist...

  • Would you like to hear a secret,
    Something I'll bet you never knew...

  • Ending Her Cries (157) 2

    by Tyler

    I looked into her eyes
    I got lost in their depth...